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About Our Software

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AdvantageITtech is committed to providing quality products at the lowest price possible.  

We promise to deliver 100% genuine products every time and offer a money back guarantee. We actively inspect all stock we receive and have very strict internal guidelines for the receiving and inspection of merchandise.

About Our Software

What we sell and why below Retail prices? We do not sell retail software. We sell mostly overstock of corporate unused editions, OEM, DSP/CD Only, and CAL. A brief description is provovided.


What is DSP Software?

DSP Software - is a full version which includes the CD-ROM, the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and the product key codes. These elements are all you will need to load and run the software. The software runs exactly the same way as the full retail version.

The differences between DSP and full retail are:

  1. Microsoft does not supply technical support on their DSP products
  2. DSP software does not include a paper manual
  3. DSP software does not come in a retail box. DSP cannot be used to upgrade from a previous version. However, you will be able to upgrade DSP to a future release.

Is it legal to sell DSP / CD Only software?

This is a great question, many of the software companies would like you to believe the answer is no and often attempt to scare customers by placing text on the CD that says, for example; "For distribution with a new pc only" or something to that effect, but rest assured it is in fact legal to purchase DSP software. The truth is that the First Sale Doctrine protects our right, as well as yours to sell DSP / CD Only software.

Software companies have attempted to circumvent the first sale doctrine by creating elaborate licensing agreements, in which they claim that the software is not actually yours, but that you only licensed it. Several courts however have found it does in fact meet the criteria of a sale and therefore have upheld the first sale doctrine.

What is a CAL?

Client Access License. These grant the right for a computer to have access to the server, which is different from an operating system or workstation license which grants you the right to have an operating system running on your system.

What is OEM Software?

OEM Software - includes the installation disc(s) and a product key for activation (if needed). OEM is different than Full Retail in the following ways: the software does not come in a Retail Box or DVD case; it does not come with printed manuals, may or may not include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and may or may not include technical support. The discs and/or packaging may include promotional labelling, but under USA copyright law, any such labelling becomes inapplicable as soon as it reaches our market.

Is it legal to sell OEM software?

Yes! Same as above applies

What is Retail Box Software?

Retail Box - Full retail boxed software is the exact product you would purchase off the store shelf (ex., Staples, Best Buy). It includes retail box, CD(s), manual, paper license agreement, and registration card.

What is a Retail License?

License Only software DOES NOT include any installation discs, it is ONLY a license. You must purchase or already own a Media Kit for the applicable software in order to use the license.

What is Retail Upgrade Software?

Upgrade software comes in a retail box or DVD case, and includes everything a retail box product would normally include. You must be running an eligible previous version of the software on your system to use an upgrade. Please refer to our product description to see if your computer is eligible for the Upgrade version. You may also want to contact the manufacturer directly to ensure you can upgrade.

Is it legal to sell Retail Upgrade?

Retail Upgrade software is the same as the software you would purchase from a major retailer (ie. Amazon, Best Buy, Staples). This software will come in a DVD Case or Retail Box and will contain all the required manuals and product keys that come with the software.

Our software is and runs the same as the software you would purchase from a major retailer (ie. Amazon, Best Buy, Staples). The difference is our software will not come in a DVD Case or Retail Box and may not contain the manuals and product flyers etc. It installs and operates the exact same we just cant call it retail. Bottom line, same use less cost!